We care and bring peace to your life. Our objective is to provide essential & need-based service to your parents and dear ones in Chennai from wherever you are in the world

CW Services

Buy Anything

That childhood candy? Or the pickles made by your mother or from the best chennai brand? Or traditional clothes for special occasions? Sambar powder, papads or from your Seer Stores. No matter how small or big your wishlist is, you name it and we will get it for you. If you want us to have a curated shopping list (a combination of home cooked items from your mother, sister or mother-in-law) we can pack those items and deliver to your address.


Let’s say your friend is travelling to India (any metro city) and you want to send a few items to your parents or dear ones in Chennai. We can get it picked and deliver it on a prescribed time

Say it with gift

Your gifts make your loved ones feel your presence in your absence. Be it the wedding anniversary of your parents or the birthday of your sister or the wedding of your friend, you have to alert us just before a few days, or tell us your wish. We will execute it in style. And surprise!

Ask Any Question

You ask any question, and we will give you the right answer, or solution, to be more precise Be brief and pointed in your requests. Request for a time and we will be most happy to have a call with you to find an appropriate solution.

Curated Services

From taking your parents on a trip to your family deity temple to buying them their favourite snacks to organising functions in the way you want, we are here to do it with care and love. Just let us know what you need, we will be happy to do it on behalf of you with utmost sincerity and professionalism, coupled with a good amount of love.

Care Corner

Are you living far away from your loved ones and want to hire some professional and personalised service for them on a permanent or temporary basis? Here we are to do it for you. We offer senior care services like food, caretaker stays, doctor visits, nursing, medical tests at home and even hospitalisation where there is a need

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